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Smart Sharing Scooter - AI Function

With the rapid development of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has penetrated every aspect of our lives. As a convenient and environmentally friendly travel tool, electric scooters have gradually incorporated AI technology to bring users a more intelligent and safer riding experience.

Our Vision

Our purpose in integrating AI functions is to improve the safety and convenience of riding through AI technology and further integrate technology with life. By combining AI technology with local city laws and regulations, we promote innovative development, help the government promote the development of the artificial intelligence industry, and improve intelligent living standards.

OKAI Pilot

Smart AI Tech

New in IoT

RTK Base Station

Pedestrian & Vehicle Detection

Electric scooters equipped with AI technology can use image recognition algorithms to process and analyze images, and can achieve a variety of functions such as lane type detection and forward collision warning, so as to ensure the safety of riders during riding.