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Safety Guidelines

Built for Safety

Tire Pressure

Check tire pressure at least twice per month, and every time before long-distance riding.

Rider's Weight

Please check the maximum weight load before purchasing and using the vehicle. Overloading can cause damage to the vehicle.

Protective Equipment

Wear a helmet when riding the scooter for your safety. Knee pads and elbow pads can also be helpful.

Charged Battery

Charge the battery fully before riding to ensure that you can get back home again.

Weather Conditions

Only ride the vehicle when weather conditions permit. Do not ride in bad weather as it may cause damage to the vehicle.

Single Riding

Do not ride in pairs. This increases the risk of collision, especially with children.


Store the vehicle in a cool & dry environment.

Uneven Surfaces

Avoid uneven surfaces where possible. When unavoidable, ride with reduced speed and bent knees to reduce risk.

Ride Safely

Be aware of other vehicle users and pedestrians. Allow plenty of space in case of busy areas.

Bike Lanes

When road riding is allowed in your country, ride in dedicated bike lanes or areas designated for micromobility vehicles.


Watch your head when you ride through doorways.

Properly Assembled

Tighten screws and ensure the vehicle is properly assembled so that no parts become loose whilst riding.

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